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Meyer O., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Cantor tube.
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Es hacia el ultimo cuarto del siglo XIX, en el esplendor de las matematicas en Alemania, lo que se ha dado en llamar "escuela de Berlin", que Georg Cantor (1845-1918) empieza a desarrollar lo que terminaria siendo conocido como la teoria de conjuntos.
A final essay contains an historical examination of the relationship between Peirce and Georg Cantor, and the extent to which Cantor's work influenced Peirce's.
In 1873, the German mathematician Georg Cantor published a paper in the Crelle Journal which proved that the set R of the continuum of real numbers is non-denumerable; that is, there is no one-to-one correspondence from the set N to the set R.
Artists Alecos Papadatos and Annie Di Donna spent three weeks travelling to locations cited in the novel, from Cambridge where Russell studied, to London, Paris, Vienna and the sanatorium in Halle, Germany, where one of his heroes, mathematician Georg Cantor, spent the last months of his life.
Se analiza como Jorge Luis Borges integra la teoria de los conjuntos de Georg Cantor y el modelo atomico de Ernest Rutherford, para intentar refutar el mito del eterno retorno, de Nietzsche.
It begins with Georg Cantor, whose work proved the foundation for much of 20th-century mathematics.
From Euclid and Archimedes to Georg Cantor and Alan Turing, Hawking provides gifted insight into how the lives and works of these brilliant minds helped build the foundations of mathematics.
The BT paradoxes occur only within an abstract system of mathematics which deals with what are called "transfinite sets"--sets first recognized by the great German mathematician Georg Cantor.