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Meyer O., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Cantor tube.
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2) Georg Cantor, "Ober unendliche, lineare Punktmannichfaltigkeiten Nr.
Possible reasons for Cantor's switch from the generative concept of ordinal numbers--in spite of its philosophical advantage (for example, in connection with the paradoxes) of highlighting the open-endedness inherent in the progression of transfinite numbers--to the "purely mathematical" treatment of order types of well-orders may be gleaned from his letters to Mittag-Leffler of September 23, 1883 and to Labwitz of February 15, 1884, see Georg Cantor Briefe, ed.
10) Georg Cantor, "Principien einer Theorie der Ordnungstypen.
12) For the purpose of illustration see the hypothesis about the cardinalities of the set of corporeal monads and the set of ether monads put forward in the closing remarks of Georg Cantor, "Uber verschiedene Theoreme aus der Theorie der Punktmengen in einem n-fach ausgedehnten, stetigen Raume [G.
Beginning with natural numbers and covering the realms of infinity from prime numbers to parallel lines, the authors explore how mathematicians have tried to grasp the ungraspable, Profiles of individuals range from Pythagoras, who theorized about irrational numbers, to Georg Cantor, who proved that infinity can come in different sizes.