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1. A design; often refers to chest radiographic findings.
2. In dentistry, a form used in making a mold, as for an inlay or partial denture framework.


1. A design.
2. dentistry A form used in making a mold, as for an inlay or partial denture framework.


n in therapeutic touch, an energy field's characteristic that gives the field its identity. Even behavior is considered evidence of a changing energy pattern.
pattern, common compensatory,
n the preferred motion pattern of alternating fascia at the body's transitional areas, classified by osteopath J. Gordon Zink.
pattern, typical pain,
n generally constellated sites of pain associated with a particular health condition or dysfunction.
patterns, fascial, systems in which the preferred directions of motion for fascia throughout the body are classified and recorded.


A combination of acts or parts, forming a consistent or characteristic arrangement or behaviour.
A pattern Neuromuscular anomaly of the eyes characterized by an increase in exotropia when the eyes fixate downward, or increase in esotropia when the eyes fixate upward. Upgaze and downgaze are usually measured at 25 degrees from the horizontal. Syn. A syndrome. See convergent strabismus; divergent strabismus.
checkerboard pattern A square set of equal size black and white squares placed adjacent to one another. It is used to test visual acuity. The common way of using this pattern is to present it in the form of a square diamond made up of four smaller diamonds. Three of these are composed of a pattern of much smaller squares than the fourth. Resolution of the pattern with larger squares consists in indicating where it is located (top, bottom, right or left) while the other three squares appear as a uniform grey. This acuity test is less dependent on cognitive factors than letters. (Fig. P4). See visual acuity; test type.
V pattern A neuromuscular anomaly of the eyes characterized by an increase in exotropia when the eyes rotate upward, or increase in esotropia when the eyes rotate downward. Syn. V syndrome. See convergent strabismus; divergent strabismus.
X pattern A neuromuscular anomaly in which the visual axes are more divergent when the eyes fixate upward and downward, as compared to the primary position of gaze.
Y pattern A neuromuscular anomaly of the eyes in which there is increasing exotropia as the eyes rotate straight upward with orthotropia in the primary position and on downward gaze.
Fig. P4 Checkerboard patternenlarge picture
Fig. P4 Checkerboard pattern


1. In dentistry, form used in making a mold, as for an inlay or partial denture framework.
2. A design; often refers to chest radiographic findings.


n a form used to make a mold, such as for a denture, an inlay, or a partial denture framework.
pattern, brachyfacial
n a facial growth pattern in which the face appears short and wide, the mandible is considered strong and has a squared-off appearance, and the dental arches are broad. Deep anterior overbites, usually resulting from skeletal abnormalities, are present.
pattern, dolichofacial
n a facial growth pattern in which the face is long and narrow, the dental arches often exhibit crowding of the teeth, and the musculature is weakened. Anterior open overbites are often present because of the vertical growth pattern of the mandible.
pattern, mesofacial
n a facial growth pattern in which there is a normal relationship between the mandible and maxilla and the face appears neither too long nor too wide. The jaw characteristics and dental arches are also harmonious.
pattern, occlusal,
n the form or design of the occluding surfaces of a tooth or teeth. These forms may be based on natural or modified anatomic or nonanatomic concepts of teeth.
pattern, trabecular
n the trabecular arrangement of alveolar bone in relation to marrow spaces; may be radiographically interpreted.
pattern, wax,
n 1. a wax model for making the mold in which the metal will be formed in casting.
n 2. a wax form of a denture that, when it is invested in a flask and the wax is eliminated, will form the mold in which the resin denture is formed.
pattern, wear,
n the topographic attributes and distribution of areas of tooth wear (facets) resulting from attrition by food, tooth contacts during swallowing, terminal aspects of the masticatory cycle, and habits of occlusal neuroses. Wear patterns may be used to determine many of the functional and afunctional movements the mandible has been passing through in preceding years. Occlusal wear occurs with aging. The type of wear is termed the
wear pattern.

Patient discussion about pattern

Q. What pattern of heredity does diabetes follow? I know that baldness comes from your mother's father. How does diabetes travel through generations?

A. Ninety percent of children who develop type 1 diabetes actually have no relative with the disease. But it’s an auto immune disease. That means that some people are in risk of getting diabetes type 1. Depends on the immune system they inherited. It’s not “recessive” or “dominant”, if your parent has type 1 – you have a 25% chance of getting the risk factor.

Q. Which would be the best diet pattern for a woman to have a flat stomach? I am worried about my weight. I have been constantly gaining weight for past few months and I have gained a large belly. I am just 19 years old. I would like to lose weight desperately and I am clueless on the diet pattern that I should be following. Could someone please help me out? Which would be the best diet pattern for a woman to have a flat stomach?

A. Hello. I think some of the previous posts are correct. In addition to increasing your physical activity, it's also very important to monitor how often you go to the bathroom to get rid fat causing waste inside of your stomach. You definitely need to drink lots of water and in order to allow for your body to naturally dispose of these harmful waste. You can find out more information on ways to start losing weight naturally here:

Q. Which would be the best diet pattern for a man to have a flat stomach?

A. I have found that if you eat a snack every 3 hours it will increase your metabolism and therefore help you lose weight

Chad Levin

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The geometric pattern is a special case because the efficiency pattern and the depreciation pattern have the same form, with declines in efficiency and depreciation occurring at the same rate.
The exhibition's tour de force, Moths, 2004, is a large, intricate painting in which stretched geometric patterns are fused into something that looks like Emilio Pucci's take on Picasso's Guernica.
Among the latest in residential broadloom is the South Beach Collection, which was created with the intention of adding dimension to living spaces with its simple geometric pattern.
Thus his self-portrait, Selbst als Karrierefred (Self as Career Guy), 1996, depicts him climbing up a corporate ladder composed of a colorful geometric pattern whose affinity to Color Field painting is obvious.
The chemical similarity and the telltale geometric pattern of the meteorites, which all fell in May during different years in the latter half of the 19th century, strongly suggest that these rocky bodies traveled together through space and originated as fragments of the same parent asteroid, the researchers assert.
Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ - CGNX), the world's leading supplier of machine vision systems, announced today at Semicon West that it has extended the capability of its industry-leading PatMax(R) geometric pattern matching technology with new enhancements for pattern location and alignment.
Similarly, as the sun moves across the sky, the shadows cast by a web of rods suspended in the air would shift from one geometric pattern to another at different times during the day.
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have long been recognized as an energy efficient, long-lasting, illumination source that can be configured into virtually any geometric pattern or shape.
On the bare, weed-free earth simply mark out a geometric pattern with sand then plant rows of dwarf box plants spaced 1ft apart.
Additions to the Missoni Home tableware, distributed by the Richard Ginori Group, include a colorful harlequin pattern, a futuristic black-and-white geometric pattern and, for the holidays, a red-and-white floral pattern.
As originally envisioned by its discoverers, a buckyball, or buckminster-fullerene molecule, consists of 60 carbon atoms arranged so that the atoms sit at the vertices of a polyhedron that matches the geometric pattern on a soccer ball (SN: 12/8/90, p.
Cognex Corporation (NASDAQ - CGNX), the world's leading supplier of machine vision systems, today introduced PatFlex(TM), the newest member of their industry leading PatMax(R) family of geometric pattern finding technologies.

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