Geological Disaster

A natural disaster due to geological disturbances, often caused by shifts in tectonic plates and seismic activity
Examples Earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, avalanches
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Nugroho said data from the volcanology and geological disaster agency
Therefore, buried depth can be increased to avoid the premature failure when crossing the geological disaster area.
9 Kilometers where the rock burst, the geological disaster was considered to be the major obstacle but the company had now taken the most possible safety measures to overcome this hurdle.
Yet, they often do not meet the needs of professional fields, such as geological disaster mapping.
In September 2013, Aisino Corporation (Aisino) successfully won the bid of National Meteorological Center Torrential and Geological Disaster Prevention Weather Protection Engineering MICAPS System Upgrading Project relying on good reputation, extensive and professional experience in system integration.
TSX: CGG; HKEx: 2099)(the "Company" or "China Gold International Resources") reports that according to the Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China, mutual and final agreements in respect of comfort and relief arrangements after the natural geological disaster (the "landslide") which occurred in Ze Ri Mountain, Pu Lang Valley, Si Bu Village, Zha Xi Gang Town, Mozhugongka County, Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China have been reached between all family members of the 83 deceased or missing workers and the employers of those workers.
The three volcanologists will install infrasonic microphones in three different locations to detect the volcano's activity even under the worst weather conditions,'' Surono, the chief of the Geological Agency at Indonesia's Volcanic and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center, said Friday.
2] x GDP per capita Total geological disaster -- -- per [km.
According to the conclusions, the super-large landslide and debris avalanche was a geological disaster caused by a combination of driving factors, which are: steep surface, broken rock, and meltwater.
An Indonesian volcano on Sumatra Island erupted early Sunday, sending smoke to 1,500 meters in the air and forcing thousands of the local villagers to flee, the Center of Vulcanology and Mitigation of Geological Disaster said.
Eoe1/4A[yen] There will be aftershocks but it s difficult to predict whether there will be a bigger quake," Geological Disaster Mitigation and Volcanology Centre head Surono told AFP.
Jiama Mine production facilities are about 10 km away from the geological disaster site.