Bystander Effect

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Immunology See Bystander suppression
Molecular biology The secondary effects on adjacent cells and tissues triggered by treatment of a primary target with a therapeutic agent.
Molecular medicine An anticancer effect of unknown origin evoked by some forms of gene therapy in which a treatment—e.g., p53 therapy—kills more tumour cells than can be accounted for by the number of cells actually expressing an inserted gene bystander effect
Psychology Bystander apathy A type of social phenomenon in which person ‘A' is less likely to assist a person 'B' in need of help, when other people are present, than when ‘A’ is alone
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The phenomenon is known as the bystander effect or Genovese syndrome, where groups of people do not respond in desperate situations because they assume someone else will.
Also known as the Genovese Syndrome, it was named after Kitty Genovese, who was murdered in 1964 in front of dozens of witnesses.