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Two major factors contributing to genomic sequence quality are per-base accuracy and contiguity of the assembly.
Thus, to ascertain the correct sequence the investigators first directed their efforts at obtaining the genomic sequence of the correct PKD1 gene and then used this information to identify the correct cDNAs encoded by the PKD1 locus.
However, the inherent dynamics of hybridization coupled with the incomplete nature of genomic sequence information create the potential for imprecision and/or error in a transcript profiling experiment even before the assay is run.
Government agency responsible for administration and processing of IP in Canada to use GenomeQuest as genomic sequence knowledge source for biotech patent examiners
After two years of intensive efforts by an international consortium of researchers, the Brown Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus) joins the human and the mouse as the third mammalian genomic sequence to be completed.
The viral genomic sequence data and high-titer neutralizing antibody to CVV in the patient's convalescent-phase serum confirmed this case to be an acute CVV infection.
1995 Meningococcal Disease, scientists from Europe and the US summarize current information about the epidemiology of the worldwide disease, its population biology, options to combat it by vaccination, the basic biology of the meningococcus as revealed by genomic sequence data, cell biology, and clinical and public health management.
This finding suggests either a high level of viral genomic sequence stability over time or the circulation of ONNV strains across Africa, which has given rise to a mixing of ONNV strains from different origins in the same areas.
These efforts have now determined the complete genomic sequence of 1 virus and partial sequences from 4 others.
International contributors provide an overview of structural proteomics, from basic discovery to practical application; offer guidance on using structural information to decipher the relationship between genomic sequence and function; and examine and explain state-of-the-art analytical and computational methods.
Genomic Sequence Increases Usefulness of RCT's Pichia Platform, Including Improvements to Produce Human Glycoproteins in Pichia GlycoSwitch[TM]