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Table 2-26 Funding Sources of Genome Projects, '95-Q1 '09
Furthermore, investigators who study cattle, dogs, frogs, zebrafish, and other animals are all clamoring for genome projects of their own.
Macrogen's DNA sequence analysis service includes the analysis of DNA sequences of various genetic samples from as many as 60 countries worldwide as well as comprehensive genetic analysis services ranging from whole genome projects to genotyping.
RNAi and the genome projects have moved research into a new paradigm.
With the completion of the Human Genome Project, the scientific community is now faced with the even greater challenge of analyzing the resulting data from this and other large-scale genome projects to better understand the networks underlying biological function.
It provides information and other resources generated by the genome projects to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
Our sequencing division is well-staffed by scientists who have played a key role in a number of large-scale genome projects, including Human Genome Project, Rice Genome Project, Silkworm Genome Project, Chicken Genome Project and Porcine Genome Project.
Pakistan has become the sixth country, working on the genome projects after US, UK, China, Japan and India.
If a high number of cancer genes are eventually scrutinized, the effort would be the equivalent of thousands of Human Genome Projects.
This volume assembles informative articles addressing the basics of the human genome projects and pertinent theological opinions.