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A trial to determine the effect of different radiation doses (9, 12, 15, and 18 Gy at 1 mm) with 90Yt after patient CA or stenting of de novo lesions to prevent restenosis
Conclusion Pre-percutaneous brachytherapy reduces the incidence of restenosis; the results are best if the brachtherapy is coupled with balloon angioplasty or stenting
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The ICRC--a quintessentially Genevese body, with strong Calvinist roots--had only once before had a Catholic president.
The Patek museum also features the reconstructed workshop of a cabinotier--a Genevese watch or jewelry craftsmen.
As Genevese and Christians, both men, moved by human suffering, acted decisively in a way that has benefited the world and in so doing added lustre to Switzerland.
In the 18th century, Geneva placed its name on the world political map when the King of France, Louis XVI, appointed Genevese private banker, Jacque Necker, Director General of State Finances.