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A trial to determine the effect of different radiation doses (9, 12, 15, and 18 Gy at 1 mm) with 90Yt after patient CA or stenting of de novo lesions to prevent restenosis
Conclusion Pre-percutaneous brachytherapy reduces the incidence of restenosis; the results are best if the brachtherapy is coupled with balloon angioplasty or stenting
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Building on the success of its Genever 1820, Bols debuted a new expression, Bols Barrel Aged Genever, late last year.
Contact: Paul Genever, +44 (0)1904 328649, pg5@york.
The Dutch tend to drink Genever straight, but will occasionally mix it with orange juice or cola.
Gin & Genever in Emerging Markets to 2016: Market Guide" provides in-depth detail on the trends and drivers of the Gin & Genever market in Emerging Markets.
Dr Genever added: "Sex also has a significant impact.
Blue Cross education development manager Tracy Genever said: "The awards are given to schools and colleges that successfully juggle the demands of a course where lots of students need access to animals while, at the same time, maintaining strong animal welfare principles.
My previous column, "Genever Convention," stated that we don't see Belgian Genever in the U.
Bartenders drawn from 60 countries across the globe will be asked to create a cocktail recipe using Bols Genever, Bols liqueur, or both, for a chance to win a trip around the world to four cocktail cities of his or her choice over eight days.
He also reached the semifinals of the Surrey Open by beating third seed Ben Ford 3-1, before losing to top seed Peter Genever.
Edgbaston Priory's Adrian Grant powered his way into the quarter finals of the British National Squash Championships at Sportcity in Manchester with a resounding 15-8, 15-8, 15-5 win over Peter Genever.
4 Stewart Boswell should account fairly comfortably for veteran Peter Genever.