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The Government's wildlife advisory body has called for a three-year moratorium on the commercial growing of genetically-modified crops, saying they could pose a serious risk to wildlife.
GENETICALLY-modified crops have been prohibited in Northern Ireland.
With regard to the importation and release of genetically modified plants, AO 8 mandates the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) to regulate the conduct of risk assessment for the purpose of the eventual commercialization of genetically-modified crops," Garin said.
Several environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, are suing the USFWS over the use of genetically-modified crops planted on national wildlife refuges in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.
How interesting that within the last few days two academics, Dr Helen Wallace and Professor Brian Wynne have both resigned from the FSA's steering group on GM accusing it of bias towards genetically-modified crops and being just a PR exercise for the industry.
Let us not forget that opinion polls consistently show massive public opposition to genetically-modified crops in Wales.
EVIDENCE of "massive" cross-contamination shows the UK must choose between growing organic or genetically-modified crops, former environment minister Michael Meacher has warned.
PRINCE Charles's speech in Germany in which he attacked experiments with genetically-modified crops as an "acute threat" to organic farmers sounded safe enough.
The BBC was yesterday accused by one of its own scientific advisers of inflaming the hysteria surrounding genetically-modified crops.
A MAN was injured yesterday as he took part in a protest against genetically-modified crops.
DOCTORS yesterday called for an open-ended ban on genetically-modified crops and food.
The Government only allows genetically-modified crops to be grown if they are surrounded by an isolation barrier of at least 50 metres.

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