genetically modified food

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Any food genetically modified to resist or tolerate pesiticides, insects, or viruses, or to decrease spoilage, produce antibodies, decrease fatty acid synthesis, or increase production of certain amino acids

ge·net·i·cal·ly mod·i·fied food

(jĕ-net'ik-ă-lē mod'i-fīd fūd)
Scientifically altered foodstuffs intended to limit exposure of the plants or animals to disease or spoilage. Concerns about safety and efficacy have been raised worldwide.
Synonym(s): frankenfood.

genetically modified food

Any crop or agricultural product altered by biological engineering for drought resistance, increased growth, resistance to pests or pesticides, prolonged shelf-life, altered textures or flavors, or other economically or commercially desirable characteristics. Promoters of genetically modified foods point to their improved yields (which may have a beneficial impact on agricultural profits or world hunger). Opponents of genetic modification have raised concerns about its effects on ecosystems, human food allergies, and religious dietary laws.
Synonym: bioengineered food
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Cyprus will participate in the global march against Monsanto in an event on Saturday, May 24, to protest against genetically modified foods.
During that time, opponents of the technology have taken advantage of increasing consumer concern about genetically modified foods and have urged several major retailers not to sell it.
The session is reviewing the draft law on prohibition of production and sale of genetically modified foods in Kyrgyzstan.
Concord: A fight over whether to require genetically modified foods to be labeled in New Hampshire will he going before the House in January.
In Canada, there has been a significant increase in the production and consumption of genetically modified foods such as canola, corn and soya.
Major players in the food industry have scheduled a meeting for Wednesday, July 10, that some say could become a turning point in the regulatory battle over genetically modified foods.
The first genetically modified foods to go on the market in the 1980s were typically crops designed by chemical companies to resist herbicides and pesticides.
In the September 27th Issue of Food Nutrition & Science, A Utah Farmer Tells How Improved Housing and Beds for Their Cows Has Increased Milk Production; Other Articles Include Surprising Survey Results on Genetically Modified Foods and More.
document in question states that countries can adopt different approaches to labeling genetically modified foods.
religious traditions and genetically modified foods.
Genetically modified foods are foods derived from genetically modified organisms.
Abu Dhabi: The UAE and other GCC member countries will control the entry of genetically modified foods into their markets, top officials said on Tuesday.

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