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generic drug

Generic equivalent Pharmacology A drug that is no longer under patent protection, which may be produced by any manufacturer who follows good manufacturing protocols. See Drug monograph, 'Me too' drug.

ge·ner·ic drug

(jĕ-ner'ik drŭg)
A medicine distributed under its generic (nonproprietary) name.

generic drug

A drug sold under the official medical name of the basic active substance. The generic name is chosen by the Nomenclature Committee of the British Pharmacopoeia Commission and is used in publications such a the British National Formulary . Doctors are encouraged to prescribe generic drugs as these are generally cheaper than the same drug under a trade or brand name.

generic drug

non-brand name of a drug

Patient discussion about generic drug

Q. When will a generic brand of insulin be available? The cost of insulin seems to be way too high... And with the ever rising population of diabetics, you'd think some other companies would jump unto the bandwagon with a cheaper insulin... what's up with that?

A. Unfortunately, as long as Eli Lilly has an effective monopoly on the American market and docs continue to perscribe the latest "flavor" of insulin, the situation is unlikely to change. Personally, I refuse to use Lilly's products (use Novo Nordisk insulin instead) and am still using the regular and NPH I was using 20 years ago... Also, because Type I diabetes tends to affect children, parents are naturally always seeking the next new thing. Doesn't make for an environment conducive to cheaper alternatives, which is a real shame for us all.

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They postulate that high user fees implemented under the Generic Drug User Fee Act of 2012 may have raised barriers to new firms entering markets while encouraging existing companies to leave.
The generic drug makers contend that the FDA's proposed rule would create safety issues because a brand drug and each generic version could have different and potentially conflicting safety information in their labels.
The report provides a comprehensive insight into the historical and current trends as well as the future prospects of the generic drug market in Canada.
55) The proposed amendment addresses safety concerns about unilateral label changes for generic drugs by permitting the FDA to send a request letter notifying the brand-name manufacturer of the new safety information.
It said generic drugs were cheaper alternatives to branded medicines and were as highly effective in treating ailments as they contain the same active ingredient found in expensive and branded drugs.
According to the present analysis, good percentage of doctors had knowledge about generic medicines and they had good attitude about the efficacy, safety, and quality of generic medicines; majority of them said that they prescribe generic drugs.
both generic drug marketers and contract' manufacturers, have complained about the unfairness of a flat fee for facilities.
In Canada, generic and brand name drugs have identical active ingredients, and generic drugs must meet Health Canada's standards for bioequivalence.
All this was much before Aamir ' discovered' generic drugs.
The pricing system of generic drugs and brand name drugs has faltered in recent years and various obstacles have been a burden to lowering the prices of medicine," said Khalil, who stressed the need to pass a number of legislative measures to reshape the industry.
Totally, the companies sold 630m items of generic drugs.
Generic drugs are chemically identical to brand-name drugs in every way: dose, safety, strength, quality, intended use, etc.

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