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generic drug

Generic equivalent Pharmacology A drug that is no longer under patent protection, which may be produced by any manufacturer who follows good manufacturing protocols. See Drug monograph, 'Me too' drug.

ge·ner·ic drug

(jĕ-ner'ik drŭg)
A medicine distributed under its generic (nonproprietary) name.

generic drug

A drug sold under the official medical name of the basic active substance. The generic name is chosen by the Nomenclature Committee of the British Pharmacopoeia Commission and is used in publications such a the British National Formulary . Doctors are encouraged to prescribe generic drugs as these are generally cheaper than the same drug under a trade or brand name.

generic drug

non-brand name of a drug

Patient discussion about generic drug

Q. When will a generic brand of insulin be available? The cost of insulin seems to be way too high... And with the ever rising population of diabetics, you'd think some other companies would jump unto the bandwagon with a cheaper insulin... what's up with that?

A. Unfortunately, as long as Eli Lilly has an effective monopoly on the American market and docs continue to perscribe the latest "flavor" of insulin, the situation is unlikely to change. Personally, I refuse to use Lilly's products (use Novo Nordisk insulin instead) and am still using the regular and NPH I was using 20 years ago... Also, because Type I diabetes tends to affect children, parents are naturally always seeking the next new thing. Doesn't make for an environment conducive to cheaper alternatives, which is a real shame for us all.

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In an effort to control those costs, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Illinois is looking at the prospect of paying pharmacists to check with physicians to see whether it would be appropriate to change prescriptions for brand-name drugs to generic drugs, said Robert Kieckhefer, a spokesman for the Illinois Blues.
Dubbed GenericSelect, WellPoint's new program provides employees with up to $10 off on a prescription when they are beginning a treatment regimen and opt for a generic drug.
With the exception of language protected by patents or exclusivity, the labeling of the generic drug, including directions for use, must be virtually the same as that of the brand-name product.
With the provinces and federal government desperately seeking ways to better use scarce health care resources, quicker access to generic drugs is a relatively effective way to save millions of dollars on an ongoing basis," said Malcolm Anderson, a professor at Queen's University and co-author of the report.
Future Development Forecast and Investment Prediction of Generic Drug in China
Our new analysis shows you data, trends, opportunities and sales forecasts for top producers and sellers of generic drugs.
lawmakers have responded by drafting legislation that would speed approvals for generic drug makers in the United States while allowing pharmacists to "re-import" U.
has labored to discourage foreign governments from breaking pharmaceutical patents and buying unauthorized generics from India or China--two nations widely recognized as the major exporters of unauthorized generic drugs.
Changing the Quebec government's unique drug reimbursement rules to take full advantage of the cost savings from generic drugs.
A new mandate Monday that the Food and Drug Administration effectively speed up the introduction of generic drugs could save U.
LONDON -- Generic drugs are mostly perceived as prescription drugs; nevertheless, they are usually brought to the consumer healthcare markets through various branded labels and worldwide brands.
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