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The sense of connection between generations, which is lost or weakened by the death of a child
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The relationship between grandparent satisfaction, meaning, and generativity.
Generativity was seen in experienced employees who mentored newer employees on the job and during personal time before and after shifts.
This includes introduction to the underlying philosophy which provides familiarity with and mastery of the concepts of generativity, mastery learning, and fluency, among others.
15) The indubitable grounds of his self-recognition were the pigs that he grew and which, reciprocally, actualised and affirmed his female generativity, which is the motive force of his self-identification and self-certitude.
Examples of innovation created by PC/Internet generativity include some of the online giants.
Radical Pedagogy: Identity, Generativity, and Social Transformation.
The model lays out a process by which an individual's identity grows and expands through the crises faced and choices made at different stages of development, from infancy to old age: basic trust versus basic mistrust; autonomy versus shame and doubt; initiative versus guilt; industry versus inferiority, identity versus role confusion; intimacy versus despair; generativity versus.
Importance of generativity for health aging in older women.
Common emergent themes in gerontological practice, such as the desire for meaningfulness, continuity, generativity, independence, relevance, and inclusion, may arise from or be reinforced by an individual's current involvement in productive roles.
Correlates of psychological well-being at midlife: The role of generativity, agency, communion, and narrative themes.
But, Coles asks, even in its pre-constantinian forms might not this jealousy exact a "certain gravitational pull against the future" resulting in "a stinginess that erodes its generativity and generosity from within?
Even a brief treatment of formal and intentional renovations of character reveals the generativity of the approach.

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