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The sense of connection between generations, which is lost or weakened by the death of a child
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He calls for "[c]ivic technologies [that] seek to integrate a respect for individual freedom and action with the power of cooperation," (21) but doesn't paint a clear picture of which precise qualities these technologies or social structures would have, beyond cultivating generativity.
WILLIAM PATRY, MORAL PANICS AND THE COPYRIGHT WARS 158 (2009) (quoting Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone to the effect that the new home video market Sony facilitated was "the bonanza that saved Hollywood from bankruptcy"); Pamela Samuelson, The Generativity of Sony v.
At that point, there's the risk that "users will unwittingly trade away the future benefits of generativity, a loss that may go unappreciated even as innovation tapers off.
Although the frequency of involvement cannot be dismissed, it seems that a subjective perception of one's own involvement and contribution is more consistent with Erikson's (1963) generativity concept; frequency-based measures may be more appropriate when addressing the needs of the children (See Hawkins & Palkovitz, 1999, for an in-depth discussion of measures of father participation).
Societies that cannot sustain something so basic to the marriage idea are not going to recommit to the difficult task of sustaining generativity in general.
However, as in a Marxist perspective, this is not tantamount to real generativity or creativity.
After that perhaps twenty-year time period, a woman emerges fully into her new life of deeper uniqueness, generativity, nurturance, and creativity.
Whenever we author something from within ourselves, whenever we draw on our capacity for generativity, whenever we respond in a human relationship," Kennedy observes, "we act as sexual persons.
By his own testimony, Cemin's new works are inspired by his wife's pregnancy and daughter's birth; he's evidently surrounded by femininity, which, if his turbulent sculptures are any indication, threatens to engulf him in its generativity.
A strong sense of Erik Erikson's generativity (Lachman, 2001) often compels the midcareer librarian to seek to give back to and to assist the future of librarianship and the new generation of librarians.
The opposite of generativity, in Erikson's developmental scheme, is "stagnation," i.
Their experience of generativity which came accidentally in the form of pregnancy and birth confirmed the magic in the wand and provided yet another challenge to their capacity for separation, abandonment, and loss.