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Dutch paediatric dentists performed significantly more diagnostic, preventive and curative care in the clinical situation then did general dental practitioners.
Nonetheless, this finding does challenge the opinion held by some UK general dental practitioners that the treatment modality is too demanding for children to tolerate [Threfall et al.
As the differences between dentists have become clear it is tempting to see if a group more focused on treating children (paediatric dentists, PD) maintains a comparable treatment philosophy as general dental practitioners (GDP).
7% believed that this should be 'shared-care' between the general dental practitioners (GDP) and Community Dental Service (CDS), whilst 20.
General Dental Practitioners (GDPs) are not in scope for this framework.
Henry Schein is the leading global distributor of products and services, including innovative digital dental technology solutions, to office-based general dental practitioners, dental specialists and dental laboratories.
Watt - who said the number of general dental practitioners providing NHS services has risen by more than 600 - said: "This is fantastic news and shows the real progress we have made.
The study was conducted in 42 patients by four general dental practitioners based in three practices in Scotland.
of Maryland School of Dentistry) reviews dental materials in this guide for dentistry students, residents, and junior clinicians, as well as general dental practitioners, hygienists, assistants, nurses, and technicians.
Oral cancer awareness of general medical and general dental practitioners.
Clinicians should be aware of the fact that any cutaneous lesion of the face and neck can be of dental origin and should seek communication and evaluation from appropriate specialists and general dental practitioners.
However in interpreting this distribution it is important to appreciate that the large majority of UK general dental practitioners were providing primary care dental services for children within public health (NHS) arrangements while no such arrangement exists in Ireland.

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