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Gutierrez is asking the General Accounting Office to examine whether the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration should hold temp agencies directly responsible for safety conditions at customers' job sites and require temp firms to inspect these sites prior to dispatching workers.
It also establishes an income offset demonstration program to enable SSDI beneficiaries to retain $1 of income for every $2 of earnings, with a study to be conducted by the General Accounting Office to ascertain the costs and impact upon return to work.
In six countries that replaced a note valued at about $1 with a coin, the General Accounting Office found coin-for-note replacement rates ranging from 1.
While there are waiting lists in Canada for elective surgery and other non-life-threatening conditions, the General Accounting Office reported that "there was no wait for emergency patients" and, furthermore, "hospital capacity in the United States is a safety valve" that would prevent waiting lists here.
We have been talking about it for some time, but it's never been given to us as a priority until recently, based on our conversations with the General Accounting Office.
General Accounting Office was required to study the potential effects of mandatory audit firm rotation for companies reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
has asked the General Accounting Office to investigate the propriety of Burns's actions.
General Accounting Office (GAO) report on the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) reveals a record increase in federal agencies' burden estimates.
Tuesday's hearing coincided with the release of a General Accounting Office report that found ``a broad array of federal operations and assets at risk of fraud, misuses and disruption.
Claims that private school vouchers improve student performance cannot be verified, says a new report issued by the federal government's General Accounting Office (GAO).
Weaknesses in insurance regulation and oversight contributed to Martin Frankel's alleged $200 million fraud going undetected for years, according to a report by the federal General Accounting Office.

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