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Lexicon is using gene knockout technology to systematically discover in living mammals, or in vivo, the physiological functions and pharmaceutical utility of genes.
For continuing ADME studies in animals, Sprague-Dawley rats containing identical homozygous efflux transporter gene knockouts are also available for purchase from Sigma Advanced Genetic Engineering (SAGE[sup.
Zinc Finger Nuclease technology to perform targeted genetic modifications in species previously not amenable to such modifications - be it gene knockout, transgene insertion, point mutations, or conditional gene knockout.
Rats engineered to contain tissue-specific conditional gene knockouts are available exclusively through the SAGEspeed[TM] Custom Model Development Service.
Additional gene knockout rat models for cardiovascular disease and diabetes research are expected to be released in early 2012.
The new offer, attractively priced to fit within the budget of a typical laboratory, can generate permanent and heritable gene knockouts in human cell lines within weeks.
Boehringer Ingelheim will also continue to have access to gene knockouts generated under Lexicon's patented gene targeting technologies with genetic alterations directed at specific drug targets of interest, and access to drug target validation data generated by Lexicon for specified targets.
Duvic's team's research CytoGenix' scientific team will be using the company's proprietary ssDNA Expression System to construct and deliver target-specific gene knockout sequences to melanoma cancer cells.
By facilitating the creation of complete gene knockout and knock-in somatic, embryonic and primary cell lines, ZFNs allow researchers to precisely determine the biological function of a gene in more relevant backgrounds.
The secreted protein, named Lexicon LG688, was identified and validated in vivo in Lexicon's industrialized gene knockout program in which mice lacking specific genes are associated with important medical profiles.
The company has used its proprietary gene knockout technology to discover more than 100 promising drug targets and create an extensive pipeline of clinical and preclinical programs in the therapeutic areas of diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular disease, psychiatric and neurological disorders, cancer, immune system disorders and ophthalmic disease.
The 707 patent covers Lexicon's OmniBank library of more than 200,000 gene knockout embryonic stem cell clones, each of which is identified by DNA sequence from the trapped gene.