Gene Doping

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(1) Modifying a person's genetic makeup so that the body produces more hormones or other natural substances that improve athletic performance
(2) Using genes or gene derivatives for the purpose of increasing muscle mass
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DNA without non-coding elements that has leaked into plasma is evidence of gene doping.
76, 78 (2010) ("However, the real allure of gene doping is that it is currently all but undetectable.
At the present, one of the prime candidates for gene doping is myostatin.
In some years, a test may show that gene doping took place and we will have to confront the possibility of retracting some of these medals.
By analogy with gene therapy, various techniques for gene doping can be envisaged.
Giacca doubts whether athletes will attempt gene doping in the run-up to this year's Olympic games, because it is technically challenging, but he says they may in the future - most likely through an illegal government programme.
It was previously thought that it would only be possible to detect gene doping via gene transfer using an extremely costly indirect test procedure from the field of molecular medicine," explained gene therapist Professor Michael Bitzer, MD from the University Hospital of the Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen.
They might also detect doping that doesn't involve illegal substances but produces measurable effects on the body, such as blood transfusions or gene doping.
Already the term gene doping has entered the sports lexicon.
Scientists developed the technology behind gene doping as a promising way to treat genetic diseases such as sickle-cell anemia and the "bubble boy" immune deficiency syndrome.
The Prohibited List also includes banned methods such as blood doping, synthetic oxygen carriers, and gene doping.
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