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Housekeeper Gene Cole went to help one of the victims lying on the floor of the hallway.
College housekeeper Gene Cole was on the second floor of Norris Hall when he saw the body of one victim on a hallway floor.
Building worker Gene Cole had heard the shots and came round a corner to see a body on the floor.
Gene Cole, a partner in an accounting and tax practice in Tampa, FL, is a member of NSXs Technology Committee for 20022003.
Gene Cole of Communications Specialty said: "Everywhere I looked, it was just a surge of water, like something out of a disaster movie.
Gene Cole is a member of the Technology Committee for 2002-2003.
Housekeeper Gene Cole went to help one victim lying in a hallway - and came face to face with the killer.
Gene Cole is NSA'S Membership Committee vice chair for 2001-2002; during 2000-2001 he was Chair of the Member Benefits Committee.