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Avail gender disaggregated data to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation work In many cases many information systems generate data that is not disaggregated to the desirable levels, making tracking progress in addressing gender issues challenging.
The Bank must apply robust monitoring and evaluating indicators to measure the extent to which Bank investments address gender issues.
CBSE, in the aftermath of the outrage over the gang rape, took the initiative to introduce a special elective subject on human rights and gender with a growing demand for generating awareness among people on gender issues as early in life while they are still in school.
Before entering the University of Maryland's dual-degree MSW/MBA program in 2005, Kammer hosted a weekly radio show called "In a Man's Shoes" on a public station near Baltimore from 1983 to 1989 and wrote three books on the social implications of male gender issues.
He added, "It is society's reaction to gender issues that creates a lot of the disturbance.
It begins by questioning simplistic biological conceptions of gender and goes on to evaluate different theoretical frameworks for explaining gender, as well as political approaches to gender issues.
Are gender issues in information needs and services really a "trend" worthy of examination in the first decade of the twenty-first century?
Not surprisingly, actual practices also often involved race and gender issues.
Targeted to counselors, occupational therapists, family therapists, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists and educators, "Journal of Creativity in Mental Health" explores how therapeutic approaches can be used to examine and improve on the full range of counseling and therapeutic topics, including loss and grief, blocks to intimacy, the uses and misuses of power and privilege, sexuality, spirituality, addictions, family issues and gender issues.
This qualitative research project investigated male blue-collar workers' understanding of health determinants, gender issues related to health, and workplace health promotion.
Gender issues also inform ``North Country,'' a docudrama about America's first workplace sexual-harassment lawsuit, with Charlize Theron and Frances McDormand contending for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards.

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