Gender Gap

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A disparity in academic ranking, opportunities for advancement, research and salaries, between men and women which occurs in medicine and science
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Caroline Lucas, the Green party MP for Brighton Pavilion, said, "What we are increasingly seeing is that austerity perpetuates gender inequality.
For Fincher, the lives and choices of these leftover women are "part of a broader resurgence of gender inequality in post-socialist China, particularly over the past decade and a half of market reforms" (pp.
We all owe it to future generations to end gender inequality once and for all - which is why I am launching the SNP's women's pledge today.
The study shows strong progress in reducing gender inequality over the past 60 years in many countries.
Our explanation for more pronounced gender inequality in spousal teams is that when husband and wife work together, they carry with them the cultural expectations for the male breadwinner and the female homemaker roles into the business setting," Yang commented.
Despite the adverse role that gender inequality can have on development, many developing countries exhibit gender inequality in many dimensions, including education.
It is true that gender inequality underlines all our social issues.
According to Jacintha, programme officer of the NGO, the campaign aimed at highlighting the skewed ratio, which is a stark indication of gender inequality in India.
Gender inequality in education still exists instead of the Quran's spirit of "Iqra" (read).
The magazine has reported forcefully on gender inequality in India, highlighting police and judicial insensitivity to rape victims as well as the misogynistic attitudes of many Indian men.
Given the impossibility of classifying macro level data we take a pragmatic approach and ask whether more gender inequality is also associated with lower credit access for females.
During the event, Aish and Abhi spoke about the gender inequality that still exists in society.

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