Sex Segregation

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A controversial policy of separating people by gender, often understood to be in public places. Critics of sex segregation contend that it is a violation of human rights; supporters argue it is necessary to maintain decency, modesty, female safety, or the family unit
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As an Afghan woman and a development worker, my frustration intensifies whenever I read about the Taliban's gender apartheid policies.
For an elaboration of the emergence of the campaign against gender-apartheid in Afghanistan under the Taliban, see Nancy Gallagher, The International Campaign Against Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan, 5 UCLA J.
At the level of ideology there is a striking similarity in the ideological beliefs, which underpin both racial and gender apartheid.
35 years ago a fundamentalist regime came to power in Iran and erected a system of gender apartheid based on eliminating and subjugating women.
For those generations who have known nothing but exclusion and gender apartheid, and have suffered an acute sense of alienation from their own society in the past, it means a new leaning toward the integration of all subjects, regardless of gender.
In terms of gender apartheid, Palestinian women--and all women who live under Islam- are oppressed by "honor" killings, in which girls and women who are raped are then killed by family members for the sake of restoring the family "honor"; by forced veiling, segregation, stonings to death for alleged adultery, seclusion/sequestration, female genital mutilation, polygamy, outright slavery, and sexual slavery.
We support strongly the movement to end the gender apartheid at Augusta National Golf Club.
1) To help justify its military offensive, the White House initiated a campaign to condemn the oppression of Afghan women at the hands of the Taliban, a repressive regime that enforced a brutal form of gender apartheid against women that human rights organizations and feminists had decried for years.
Afghan women have survived 23 years of war, betrayal by their countrymen and the ruthless gender apartheid designed to erase them from public view.
Referring to claims this week by The Western Mail writer Carolyn Hitt that the club was the "last bastion of sexual inequality in Wales", she said, "It is a grave insult to women that this type of gender apartheid should have any place in today's society.
Islamic law is gender apartheid and while religious beliefs should be respected, the human rights of women in Islamic countries is even more important.
Photo: (1--2) Making plans for the upcoming Eleven and a Half Million Waiting to Be Freed benefit to stop gender apartheid in Afghanistan, above, are event chairwoman Mavis Leno, left, Lorraine Sheinberg, Peg Yorkin and Kathy Spillar.

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