Gender Boundary

The psychosocial interface between typically 'male' and 'female' activities and/or roles
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Also, boys cross-dressed to play the roles of women in the transvestite theater, which allowed for gender boundary crossing in a sense.
At the same time, they cross another important gender boundary because they approach life and politics from a feminist perspective as men, not women (Goldrick-Jones, 2002).
And so gender boundary violations, implies Shields, become emotion-drenched violations of the intimate sense of self.
All the instruments agree that what's usually called "transsexuality," crossing the gender boundary, is rare.
Anderson shows that even with this gender boundary in politics, US society did grow to accept women in politics.
Potuchek readily admits the bias involved in this second selection process which has probably lead to an overrepresentation of couples who have, over time, reached agreement on breadwinning as a gender boundary.
It is clear that these dual-earner couples operate within culture in which male breadwinning is still regarded as an important gender boundary.