Gender Bender

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Endocrinology A popular term for any anti-sex antihormone factor See Pheromone
Sociology An informal term for a person who actively transgresses, or 'bends,' expected gender roles—e.g., a man who wears make-up and feminine clothes. Gender bending can have a subtext of social activism in response to assumptions or over-generalisations about genders
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On the whole, this gender bender collection attempted to break away from the usual.
Hoffman donned heels and prosthetic breasts to play a man in drag in Sydney Pollack's celebrated gender bender.
We can go on this journey together Roy," pleaded Weatherfield's resident gender bender.
THE original gender bender Boy George is used to cleaning up after his community service on New York's streets.
A Canadian, Berlin-based former school teacher, this provocative gender bender set out to shock but succeeded only in boring the pants off anyone in the crowd who wasn't gay or lesbian.
That's because the script will be by the man who created gender bender shows like Bob and Rose and Queer as Folk - Russell T Davies.
But the bigger problem is that the title character, a South American gender bender making her living on the streets of Milan, is so vapid beyond her overriding concerns with sexual identity that the plot's mainspring - a customer falls in love with her for who she is, not what she is - never really convinces.
It has shown us that there are people--gay, straight, trans, bi, gender bender, etc.
There is also a look at Shakespeare's gender bender roles in Girls Who Are Boys Who Are Girls Acting Like Boys Who Are Girls Or Are They Boys?
I have no gay friends," said the gender bender Scot.
THE pervert stalker haunting scores of famous British women may be a gender bender obsessed by their success, a handwriting expert revealed yesterday.
His latest work is a gender bender comedy with a difference called Phil & Jill & Jill & Phil.