Jules A., French surgeon, 1806-1861. See: Gély suture.
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I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Associate Dean Rafael Gely for his guidance during the writing process, to the Missouri Law Review for editorial assistance, and to my family and friends for their continued support.
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Giner & Gely (2005) studied the hygroscopicity of sunflower seeds and concluded that the Modified Halsey model was the best model to represent desorption isotherms of this product.
Professors Gely and Chandler examined a body of FMLA cases, including a sub-category of cases where intent was clearly at issue, i.
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We also thank Hugo ven der Westhuizen for an inflight sighting of buffalo ID65 and Marie Gely for designing the map.
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Kreolisering en verwante konsepte soos hibriditeit/vermenging/verbastering het as konseptuele instrumente in Suid-Afrika weinig inslag gevind, omdat dit gely het onder die apartheidsdenke waarin rassuiwerheid en etniese mobilisering gepropageer is.
217) In 2000, Professor Rafael Gely of University of Cincinnati College of Law and Professor Thomas D.
ambrosioides) e uma erva de pequeno porte que recebeu nesta comunidade indicacoes para problemas relacionados ao sistema respiratorio, cicatrizacao, digestorio e tratamento de doencas parasitarias, como tambem ocorre em outros trabalhos (Amorozo e Gely 1988; Pinto et al.
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It is commonly used in the treatment of snake and stingray bites (Amorozo & Gely 1988), nosebleeds, abscesses and tumors (Matos 2000) and also as an expectorant (Lins 1994).