Gefilte Fish

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A traditional Jewish dish made from various fishes which may be a vector for Diphyllobothrium latum, a tapeworm
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She also told us about her search for chrain, essential companion to gefilte fish.
I have never forgotten the taste of Aunt Sadie's gefilte fish, but I had forgotten all about Itsik Fefer.
A Jew from Poland would bring typical Polish food, such as gefilte fish and all kinds of sweet cakes.
Temple Beth Israel will celebrate Passover on April 13 with its annual Community Passover Seder, featuring a full-course meal of vegetarian matzah ball soup, gefilte fish, a vegetarian main course, tzimmes, salad and dessert.
GEFILTE fish was claimed to be brain food but you have to start young - when you're at your mother's breast if possible.
And his gefilte fish, says Flax, "is better than your grandmother's.
In this simple Shockwave fighting game, players control robot rabbis as they beat the gefilte fish out of each other.
The four different main courses of the special Passover meals are: canned salmon, bone-in chicken, gefilte fish (ground fish patties) and beef stew, which are all certified Kosher for Passover.
In the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys, many find these foods at local grocery stores, which have portions of aisles packed with jars of gefilte fish, cherry wine and kosher cookies.
Music, reading of the Haggadah, full-course meal with vegetarian matzoh ball soup, gefilte fish, vegetarian main course, tzimmes, salad and dessert.
Matzah by the ton, wine by the gallon, gefilte fish by the truckload, Haggadot by the case, nuts and apples by the bushel--even Festival candles--began to arrive in Kassel to be stored in the underground bunker.