Gay Community

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A loosely coherent group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals and their supporters, organizations and subcultures, united by a philosophy and culture that accepts non-traditional partnerships, lifestyles, and relationships
References in classic literature ?
The Queen also is there with her retinue, so it be expected that, to show the good feeling and renewed friendship existing between De Montfort and his King, there will be gay scenes in the old fortress.
Not much of a gay scene exists other than a few bars in Leon and Managua.
DEVELOPING the gay scene in Middlesbrough could provide a big boost to the town's night-time economy, it is claimed.
In the recent Professor Michael Parkinson report on the future of our city he observed that no successful, inclusive or economically dynamic city exists without hosting a vibrant gay scene.
The company behind some of the most popular bars and clubs on the Newcastle gay scene has opened a new venture.
Dr Bev: Bev has been performing on the UK gay scene for years and you can expect all the hits you know and love from the Cardiff-based performer.
The Pride committee actually did Liverpool's gay scene a huge favour because I have never seen co-operation like it before and I am sure it will continue which begs the question: Who is best to organise next year's Pride?
Red hair is getting very, very trendy in the gay scene," the Daily Express quoted QX magazine as saying.
Only a small percentage of those working on Cheeky Rainbow, which already has more than 100 members of its Facebook group, are homosexual while all the students have expressed a desire for the broadcast to celebrate the diversity of people living in Birmingham and the city's gay scene.
So when thousands of people suddenly poured out into the streets and marched in the 1993 gay pride march it was symbolic; the gay scene went from being backwards and underground to open, popular, and fully recognized as part of city life.
Huffty is thrilled with her new judging role, and told Angel Eyes: "I think the X Factor competition is great for Newcastle to showcase the talent in the region, especially on the gay scene.
The drama continues with Nick (above) having a thoroughly good time on London's gay scene in 1986.