gay-related immune deficiency

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GRID. An early (pre-1984) name for AIDS, based on the link between a collapsed immune system and the known association with male homosexuality

gay-related immune deficiency,

n the term adopted in the 1980s in reference to AIDS, when it was considered to affect only homosexual males.
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Dubbed the Gay Plague, it was thought to affect only gay men.
Q: The President doesn't have gay plague, is that what you're saying or what?
Pic's moving last act deals sensitively with his lonely death from AIDS, one of the first celebrity victims of what was then called "the gay plague.
David went on to say he's amazed at some of the ignorance still, with that ridiculous statement the gay plague.
To the bible-thumping extremists it was the gay plague that was God's vengeance on a society devoid of any sexual morals.
AIDS - once labelled the Gay Plague - was first identified in June 1981 and became the subject of chilling TV adverts featuring tombstones.
The play dealt with the gay plague - yes that's what it was called.
The media, both gay and straight, have been very irresponsible in representing it as a gay plague or an exclusively gay disease.
The Gay Plague (or AIDS as it is sometimes called) is easily transferred through sweat.
It was later revealed that Thacker, an HIV-positive straight man, had called homosexuality a "sinful deathstyle" and AIDS "the gay plague.