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From pix of Rosie O'Donnell and Kelli Carpenter-O'Donnell marrying in San Francisco City Hall to gay boys holding their infant twin daughters during their ceremony, I dare you not to sniffle a little as you turn one sweet page after another.
Isay, in Being Homosexual: Gay Men and Their Development (1989), proposed a "developmentally normal" stage for little gay boys during which the boy falls in love with his father, both erotically and sexually.
Oh, perfect first love, when quirky-smart gay boy bonds with quirky-fun straight girl over bad dorm food.
When the national Boy Scouts began allowing gay boys as scouts, liberal Scout leaders and gay rights groups celebrated the shift but called for allowing gay adults to participate, too.
It integrates literature on gay identity development, societal treatment of gay boys and men, the resiliency and strength of gay males, cultural and spiritual considerations, and best practices in counseling.
The citizens have demanded strong action against the clusters of eunuchs and gay boys in the area of Pir Wadhai.
The policy prohibits gay boys and leaders from serving in the Scouting program and sends a message that discrimination is acceptable.
A million tweens and gay boys are going to hear 2 Chainz do his name-drop whether they like it or not.
I'm certainly not The Nation's biggest defender, but might I suggest that before we gay boys get our pearls in a knot over a transgressive portrayal of President Lincoln in drag, we check our transphobia at the door?
In most of the surveys, bisexual and gay boys had significantly higher risks for suicidal thought and action than heterosexual or mostly heterosexual boys.
Alternate discourses could encourage gay boys to pass on 'gay-boy talk' much as girls pass on 'girl-talk' about pregnancy, marriage, and rape.