gaussian distribution

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nor·mal dis·tri·bu·tion

a specific bell-shaped frequency distribution commonly assumed by statisticians to represent the infinite population of measurements from which a sample has been drawn; characterized by two parameters, the mean (x) and the standard deviation (σ), in the equation:

normal distribution

A bell-shaped frequency distribution of data, the plotted curve of which is symmetrical about the mean, indicating no significant deviation of the data set from the mean.

Properties of a normal distribution
Continuous and symmetrical, with both tails extending to infinity; arithmetic mean, mode, and median are identical. The curve’s shape is completely determined by the mean and standard deviation.

gaus·si·an dis·tri·bu·tion

(gow'sē-ăn dis'tri-byū'shŭn)
The statistical distribution of members of a population around the population mean. In a gaussian distribution, 68.2% of values fall within ± 1 standard deviation (SD); 95.4% fall within ± 2 SD of the mean; and 99.7% fall within ± 3 SD of the mean.
Synonym(s): bell-shaped curve, normal distribution.

Gaussian distribution

Normal distribution. The distribution of characteristics found in large populations subject to many causes of variability. The graph of the Gaussian distribution of any characteristic (such as body height) is a symmetrical bell shape, centred on the mean. (Johann Karl Friedrich Gauss, 1777–1855, German mathematician).


Johann K.F., German physicist, 1777-1855.
gauss - a unit of magnetic field intensity.
gaussian curve - a specific bell-shaped frequency distribution. Synonym(s): gaussian distribution; normal distribution
gaussian distribution - Synonym(s): gaussian curve


the arrangement of numerical data. The arrangement may be in accordance with magnitude, a frequency distribution, or in relation to geographical location, a spatial distribution.

age distribution
see age distribution.
bimodal distribution
the distribution has two regions of high frequency of observations separated by a zone of low frequency.
binomial distribution
a probability distribution associated with two mutually exclusive outcomes.
cluster distribution
a nonrandom distribution with observations aggregating about geographic or temporal variables. May be deceptive and merely reflect the distribution of an uneven population.
frequency distribution
a table or graph of the frequency of occurrence of each value of a variable.
Gaussian distribution
see normal distribution (below).
hypergeometric distribution
may apply to sampling without replacement of a finite population.
lognormal distribution
a distribution which is normal when the log values of the variable are considered.
normal distribution
a graph of the distribution appears as a bell-shaped curve which is symmetrical on the two sides of the vertical axis through the peak of the curve. Called also gaussian distribution.
parent distribution
the distribution (population) that was originally sampled.
Poisson distribution
regular distribution
distributed at regular intervals of time or space; all values within its given interval are equally likely.
sex distribution
an increase in frequency in one sex, which includes neutered males and neutered females. Called also sex-linked or sex-associated.
skewed distribution
a distribution in which the curve illustrating it is not symmetrical but has a long tail on one or other side of the graph.
spatial distribution
variations in distribution related to position in space, e.g. close to the door of a barn.
see t-test.
temporal distribution
variation in distribution related to time, e.g. occurrence of disease incidents after visits by veterinarians, inseminators, feed salesmen.
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Resultant Gaussian Blur images appear natural, organic, and evanescent.
The Gaussian Blurs and other effects operate concurrently on up to four video/key-pair layers in real time and on unlimited layers using the recursive-processing Intelligent Layering Architecture fundamental to the 844/X software architecture.
Supported by the 10-bit quantization, computational precision up to 31 bits, and uncompressed source data native to the GenesisEngine, XBLUR Gaussian Blurs produce the highest possible video image quality, mathematically equivalent to a 50-pixel-diameter blur of Adobe After Effects.
KPT Lens f/x is a high precision tool that gives users complete control over smudge, noise, find edges, Gaussian blur and other effects.
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I was able to get a complex 3 minute per frame Gaussian blur sequence -- 180 seconds per frame - down to 9 seconds a frame," said David Basta, supervising technical director of Lumeni Productions, Glendale, CA, which does extensive film titling and feature film promotional work for many studios including Disney, Paramount, Universal and more.
PowerShop, a 1995 MacUser Eddy Award Winner, accelerates Photoshop functions by factors of up to 2,000 percent over the fastest Macintosh systems, delivering unmatched speed increases to computation-intensive tasks such as unsharp mask, rotate, color transformations, Gaussian blur and many others.
Common uses of Kai's Power Tools 3 include creating Gradient Designer-built buttons and frames, applying Gaussian Blurs and Sharpen Intensity to a series of images, applying textures to 3D text and backgrounds creating a series of KPT movie frames that can now be recorded into one button which can be saved and then replayed.
Convolver provides users with the only real-time visual way to design filter effects derived from custom convolution kernels, which generate blurs, sharpens, embosses, tinting, color contrast, gaussian blurs and unsharp masking.