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A calibrated instrument or vessel for measuring the volumes of gases.
See also: spirometer.


A calibrated instrument used to measure volumes.

gasometer (gasäm´ətur),

n a calibrated instrument or vessel for measuring the volume of gases. Used in clinical and physiologic investigation for measuring respiratory volume.
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CRASH, BANG, WALLOP: The Foleshill gas tower was blown up in September last year; SUCCESSFUL EVENT: Kate Skinner; BUTTON-PUSHER: Ruth Skuce blew up the gas tower
Agency staff knew of problems in the area caused by buildings such as the gas tower and expected a slight improvement when it came down at the weekend.
DISABLED city pensioner Ruth Skuce is over the moon after being picked to press the button and blow up the old Foleshill gas tower tomorrow.
THE demolition of Foleshill's last gas tower tomorrow will be an emotional moment for a woman who saw it being built as a child.
The controlled explosion of the Gas Tower in Foleshill is hopefully taking place on Sunday and we have been very busy selling the raffle tickets for the chance to press the button.
The derelict industrial area and gas towers at the back of the Rock retail park could all be cleared to create a new vibrant city district.
Gas towers, by Vicki Westwood (West Wood) Botanical Gardens, by Funso Adedeji (funade) Shadows from The Cube, by Andy Kon Lancaster Bomber, at Astwood Bank, near Redditch, by Peter Reynolds
But Mr Burgin was keen to develop the business by moving to a city location, and since the move to Railway Street, next to the Scotswood gas towers, the business has grown, now employing seven staff with a fleet of three helicopters.
I lived above my parents' shop, surrounded largely by wasteland or abandoned factory spaces in a landscape dominated by the gas towers.