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A calibrated instrument or vessel for measuring the volumes of gases.
See also: spirometer.


A calibrated instrument used to measure volumes.

gasometer (gasäm´ətur),

n a calibrated instrument or vessel for measuring the volume of gases. Used in clinical and physiologic investigation for measuring respiratory volume.
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BLAZE: The fire at a disused gas tower near Jackson Street, St Helens
Site: Rusty, oil-stained gas tower, blighting neighbouring church and community.
Later that month, on a Sunday morning, more than 4,000 people watched the controlled implosion of the final gas tower.
The skyline of a Midland city is changed forever as a 70-year-old gas tower is blown up to make way for Coventry City's new football ground.
Suite 920, Western Gas Tower, 530 - 8th Avenue SW, Calgary,
Janet, of Wyken, is a volunteer for Cats Protection and discovered there were a lot of vermin and stray cats around the area of the new Ricoh arena stadium after the old gas tower was demolished.
In just a few weeks, the gas tower will come down, and that will also have a tremendous significance for the people of Coventry.
Instruments of proxy to be used at the adjourned meeting may be deposited with the Corporate Secretary of Canbra Foods, c/o Montreal Trust Company of Canada, 6th Floor, Western Gas Tower, 530 - 8th Avenue S.
BLOWING up the Foleshill gas tower has been one of the most profitable fundraising ideas so far for the pounds 5 million Coventry Myton Hospice Appeal.
A member of the public has been given the chance to pave the way for a major regeneration project in Coventry - including the new stadium for Coventry City - by simply blowing up a gas tower.
September 2002: More than 4,000 people watch the last gas tower at the site brought down.