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August, German physician, 1848-1934. See: Gärtner method, Gärtner vein phenomenon, Gärtner tonometer.


Herman T., Danish anatomist and surgeon, 1785-1827. See: Gartner canal, Gartner cyst, Gartner duct.
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Gartner Group president Michael Fleisher said the acquisition gives Gartner the opportunity to expand beyond its current demographic focus and gain access to additional levels of the IT community, including key deployers, influencers and implementers "who are the next generation of IT leaders.
However, according to Gartner Group, Windows CE still has many inconsistencies in the applications.
According to the Gartner Group, "The acquisition costs for Wide Area Network (WAN) equipment and management tools can be a relatively small part of a data WAN's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Gartner Group is at the center of a global community of more than 8,300 client organizations served by analysts in 75 locations worldwide.
From his experiences at Adobe and Gartner Group, he has an in-depth understanding of both the digital imaging sector and the worldwide packaged software industry.
The ELC is another stride in Gartner Group Learning's overall strategy to leverage Internet technologies to provide cost-effective, value-added skills management solutions to our clients," said Stephen Bradley, president, Gartner Group Learning.
Skills beyond technical subjects such as system administration or programming are critical to the overall success of today's IT professionals," said Stephen Bradley, president, Gartner Group Learning.
Bern Elliott, research director at Gartner Group, who will outline future directions in VoIP and IP telephony.
Previously, Hammond spent five years with the Gartner Group, a worldwide leader in information technology research and consulting, responsible for global corporate marketing and domestic sales initiatives.
The press release issued by Ernst & Young LLP today announcing that it will offer technology-based training courses from Gartner Group Learning to subscribers of Ernie(R), its on-line consulting service, contained an error in its course title listings.