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August, German physician, 1848-1934. See: Gärtner method, Gärtner vein phenomenon, Gärtner tonometer.


Herman T., Danish anatomist and surgeon, 1785-1827. See: Gartner canal, Gartner cyst, Gartner duct.
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Magic Quadrants, a Gartner Group exclusive, graphs a set of competing vendors based on these criteria.
ACM members will receive a special offer on the Information Technology Journal as well as select Gartner Group research, analyses, and information resources.
In response to the demand for advice, Gartner Group has been providing forums tO address Y2K solutions, including two conferences, a seminar series and audioconference and satellite briefings.
This is not a problem for 2000, this is a problem for today," said Darlene Brown, vice president and research director for Gartner Group.
Giga Information Group (OTC: BB GIGX) announced today that former Gartner Group VP, Alan C.
His last position at Gartner Group was as Group Vice President, Field and International Marketing in year 2000.
Gartner Group is a world leader in providing business technology research, consumer and market intelligence, consulting, conferences and decision-making tools.
Gartner Group, which forecasts that only 25 percent of enterprises through 2004 will accurately establish the functional and technical requirements for their CRM initiatives, will be presenting at the forum, entitled "Lead the Evolution
Cooper, President and CEO of JMCooper and Associates, and Gartner Group Vice President and Research Director, Scott Nelson.
He has also conducted executive level customer seminar projects for AT&T, Gartner Group, Harris Corporation, MCI, and Nortel, among others.
In the wake of the latest round of destructive "worm" type viruses, Gartner Group recently recommended that enterprises hit by both Code Red and Nimda immediately investigate alternatives to Microsoft Internet Information Server.