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Eldon J., U.S. geneticist, 1909-1989. See: Gardner syndrome.


F.H., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Gardner-Diamond syndrome.

Gardner, Mary Sewell

(1871-1961), an American public health nurse who wrote the classic Public Health Nurse. She directed the Providence, Rhode Island, District Nursing Association and was instrumental in the development of the National Organization for Public Health Nursing and of public health nursing in the American Red Cross.
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His boss today, Oakmont head coach Eric Dawley, remembers watching that talented Gardner team back in 1990 when he was an eighth-grader.
Great bowlers of this time included John Smith, Charlie Kinsey, Paul Manniott, David Bishop and Jim Hobby, but Gardner was a 'quiet assassin' and always the best of gentlemen on and off the pitch.
Upon beginning a teaching career in a large public high school in the San Fernando Valley, I realized that Gardner was an ideal model to emulate.
On display in the exhibit, Vampirella got around the whitewashing rules by publishing in a magazine format, Gardner said.
Joseph Howard Gardner was born and raised in New York City.
The House and Senate are considering reforms that would do just as Gardner asks, and the commissioner says he is optimistic.
Beneath the widespread praise, awards, novels, and even marriages, there lay in Gardner one traumatic memory that both haunted and motivated him.
Eventually, TIGHAR researchers gained access to British archives and discovered a detailed account of the finding of a human skeleton on Gardner Island.
Perhaps that's because McKerrow has worn it in studio and stage rehearsals all over the world for the last nine years, ever since Gardner had it made for her.
Each scale, which was developed by MacIntyre and Gardner (1994a), contains six 5-point Likert-format items that assess how anxious students feel at the input, processing, and output stages of the foreign language learning process, respectively.
Gardner, an electrical engineer who led the research team.