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Computers A popular term for ‘nonsense’ produced by a printer—e.g., incorrect ASCII characters versus text, often due to loose cables to the printer or due to use of an incorrect printer driver
Drug slang Regional street term for inferior quality drugs
Vox populi American for solid (municipal) waste; rubbish
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Even as the issue of non-payment of salaries to MCD sanitation workers has been resolved, garbage continues to pile up on the streets of the national Capital.
The government wants a slice of earnings from garbage collection.
The locals said sanitary workers and garbage collectors from different localities dump the filth in the Korang nullah, which can block its water flow and cause flash-flood during the monsoon season.
Despite being a planned city, Islamabad does not have a garbage dumping site.
While presiding over a high profile meeting to review the solid waste management in his office here, Siddiqui said that proper utilization of garbage was being done in the largest interest of citizens and city.
Mayor of Yatta Mousa Makhamra said that two garbage collection trucks that belong to Yatta municipality were seized by the so-called Israeli Civil Administration officers while transporting garbage to a landfill to the east of the town and the drivers were forced to leave.
Cerberus -owned Greenstar have been ordered by the Irish High Court to return all Panda's garbage bins and to refrain from taking any garbage bins in the future.
Bulgaria's Finance Ministry has proposed to divide the garbage fee into two parts.
The city also allows private service providers to be contracted to pick up residential garbage.
Mud-flinging is going on between the Tsuruga city government in Fukui Prefecture and 60 other local governments and associations of municipal garbage disposal and cleaning entities in 18 prefectures over Tsuruga's demand that they financially cooperate in dealing with a private garbage disposal facility that went bust after massive amounts of garbage were illegally dumped there.
They get rid of garbage without adding to already stressed landfills and with the added benefit of contributing electricity to the power grid.
is the top producer of garbage on the planet, generating 30% of the world's trash and throwing out 1600 pounds per American per year--but what happens to garbage after it's in the trash?