Carol F.L., 17th-century German anatomist. See: Gantzer accessory bundle, Gantzer muscle.
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renseignements administratifs: Mme Claudia Gantzer, direction du droit et de la citoyennete service des marches publics, tel.
Rachman A, Anderson SH, Gantzer CJ (2005) Computed-tomographic measurement of soil macroporosity parameters as affected by stiff--stemmed grass hedges.
Glenn Begley, Mary Lou Gantzer, William Bentley, and Yvonne Reid can be arranged by contacting Lynn Blenkhorn by email: lynn.
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LEFKOSA, May 13, 2010 (TUR) -- A member of the European Parliament (EP) Peter Paul Gantzer said Thursday, in regard to isolations imposed on the Turkish Cypriots, all humans in the world were equal but that the situation in Cyprus did not represent equality of humans.
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Gantzer (1960) reported that endogenous phenols possess only stimulatory properties and act as analogues of growth hormones and affect growth and physiological properties of plants.
Bissonnet, welcomed his counterpart from the Parliament of the State of Bavaria (Landtag), Alois Gluck, the Vice-president, Peter Paul Gantzer, as well as a delegation of Bavarian parliamentarians, within the framework of the 4th Meeting of the Quebec--Bavaria Joint Parliamentary Committee.
The study of adhesion-aggregation and inactivation of PV1 in groundwater stored in a hydrophobic container has demonstrated that viral inactivation and adhesion-aggregation in water are related phenomena (Gassilloud & Gantzer, 2005).
Jordan D, Stecker JA, Cacnio-Hubbard VN, Li F, Gantzer CJ, Brown JR (1997) Earthworm activity in no-tillage and conventional tillage systems in Missouri soils: A preliminary study.
Mary Lou Gantzer, PhD, is vice president of clinical & scientific affairs in Newark, DE, for Dade Behring Inc.