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Siegbert J.M., German psychiatrist, 1853-1931. See: Ganser commissure, Ganser syndrome, nucleus basalis of Ganser.
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Capt Michael Gansas is now understood to be helping in the prosecution of Pat Ryan, New York City's director of ferry operations.
Mr Gansas was criticised by relatives of the dead and injured after failing to speak to investigators about the crash but his lawyers said he was too traumatised.
After the boat crashed into a dock in New York last October, killing 11 and injuring 71, it emerged that Captain Michael Gansas had not been at the wheel.
But sources close to the investigation say they have found no evidence Gansas broke rules by not being in the wheelhouse, and he is backed in this by several captains and ex-captains.
It also names the ship's captain, Michael Gansas, who has so far failed to answer investigator's questions.
Michael Gansas sent a letter to New York city officials saying he was refusing to talk.
Meanwhile, police and the Staten Island district attorney's office were investigating whether criminal charges could be filed against Capt Michael Gansas and other crew members.
Some reports said that during Wednesday's disaster ferry captain Michael Gansas tried to grab the controls.
And New York City officials have said captain Michael Gansas was not in the pilot house.
Captain Michael Gansas, who should have been in the ferry's pilot house during docking, cancelled an interview with the National Transportation Safety Board without public explanation.
Reports that captain Michael Gansas had tried to grab the controls were denied by Smith and ferry worker Robert Rush.
Some reports said ferry captain Michael Gansas tried to grab the controls.