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William F., 20th-century U.S. physiologist. See: Lown-Ganong-Levine syndrome.
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HFF s debt placement team representing the borrower was led by senior managing director Bruce Ganong and associate director Erica Christensen.
All told, according to the Harvard economists Peter Ganong and Daniel Shoag, approximately 30 percent of the increase in hourly-wage equality that occurred in the United States between 1940 and 1980 was the result of the convergence in wage income among the different states.
Seventeen-year breast cancer survivor Brenda Ganong recently hosted the 13th Annual Brenda's Ride with Friends: Fighting Cancer One Mile at a Time.
This would allow every student to have a personalized year book," adds Ray Ganong, Co-CEO.
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Triumph of the City, 64-67 (2011); Peter Ganong & Daniel Shoag, Why
8 percent per year, according to Harvard economist Daniel Shoag and doctoral student Peter Ganong.
Ganong and Shoag provide one useful way for thinking about regional
The HFF team, led by senior managing directors Mike Tepedino and Bruce Ganong and team members Michael Gigliotti, Jennifer Keller and Brandon Roth, secured a single source lender in Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers, on behalf of an institutional investor, to provide the non-recourse construction financing.
In addition, about half of the two million marriages in the United States involve at least one spouse who has been previously married (Briggs, 2007; Coleman, Ganong, & Fine, 2000).
85) This hypothesis is borne out in recent research by Peter Ganong and
Because many scholars see the child-stepparent interaction as central to stepfamily functioning, several scholars have called for greater attention on children's perspectives of stepfamily life, closeness, and quality (Gamache, 1997; Ganong & Coleman, 2004; Sweeney, 2010).