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, ganja (gang'gă),
An extract of the flowers of Cannabis sativa (Indian hemp or hashish) that grows in India, Persia, and Arabia.
See also: cannabis.
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The Modi government in May this year came up with a Namami Ganga project worth 20,000 crore.
Tripathi has suggested to the prime minister that every MP should adopt the part of Ganga in their respective constituency and own up all thats being done to clean up the river.
We have identified 630 factories which are polluting Ganga.
But CPCBs own report ( pollution assessment: river Ganga, July 2013), based on data of 2011, clearly said that Bihar generates less sewage and industrial effluents than Uttar Pradesh.
Further to Varanasi, several massive rivers join the Ganga at frequent intervals to give the Bihar stretch a better river flow.
BD Tripathi, associated with the National Ganga River Basin Authority ( NGRBA), headed by the prime minister, said CPCB has never been reliable.
Saving the Ganga is top of the Narendra Modi governments agenda as about 450 million people depend on the river, which in its 2,500- km journey flows from the Gangotri in the Himalayas to Diamond Harbour in the Bay of Bengal.
In any case, we will be coming up with a separate report on Ganga and Yamuna.
She also announced her plan for a padyatra along the Ganga next month.
It was my wish to undertake a yatra along the banks of Ganga.