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4 ml) and 7 days after transfer of gametophytes (0.
Similar to axons in the development of the nervous system, the directional growth of pollen tubes is controlled by multifarious interactions with the sporophytic pistil and the female gametophyte (Okuda & Higashiyama, 2010).
Watkins started thinking about gametophytes as he contemplated what determines which species of ferns can live where.
Studies on the development of gametophyte of Phyllitis japonica.
One hundred randomly sampled gametophytes (25 per box) were removed (and not returned) and their sexual expression, age, and size were recorded during weeks 6, 7, 9, 11, and 13 after spore sowing.
However, it is relevant in biological terms, since it reflects that totipotency of male gametophytes would not be restricted to the stage of vacuolate microspore-early bicellular pollen, as is widely accepted.
The gametophytes collected in the 1960s through 1980s in Haida Gwaii, near Prince Rupert, and in southeastern Alaska were also growing on deeply shaded, wet rock outcroppings beneath overhangs or in wet cliff crevices near the coast or in stream canyons, although one collection was found on an overturned stump and another grew on the underside of a fallen Douglas fir, spanning a stream (Taylor, 1967; University of British Columbia Herbarium).
Homologous alternation occurred in most thallophytes and "might be described as a mere differentiation--often a very slight one--of successive gametophytes.
Morphological and molecular analyses of fungal endophytes of achlorophyllous gametophytes of Diphasiastrum alpinum (Lycopodiaceae).
Comparative studies have found that fern gametophytes can have distinctive morphological and developmental characters useful in distinguishing genera and higher taxa (Atkinson and Stokey, 1964; Farrar et al.
More specifically, this invention relates to the control of transgene transmission by male and/or female gametes or gametophytes using a gametophytic sterility trait.
Volatile emissions from sporophytes and gametophytes were trapped using Solid Phase Micro extraction (SPME), separated and identified using Gas Chromatography--Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS).