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country in West Africa, bordering North Atlantic Ocean and Senegal.
Gambian sleeping sickness - caused by parasite Trypanosoma brucei and transmitted through bite of an infected tsetse fly. Synonym(s): trypanosomiasis
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Some of the trips, like the excursion to eco-tourist site Makasutu, also give you the chance to sample traditional Gambian food - lady fish, chicken in peanut sauce, spicy rice, exotic fruits and vegetables - all deliciously different.
Gambians of goodwill now believe in themselves and know the country's ability to alleviate poverty and prosper no matter how small we are.
Research conducted by OneSight prior to the Farafenni pilot indicates that one out of three Gambians has a vision problem that could be corrected with glasses.
Reportedly, a Gambian youth in his mid-20s was shot dead during a raid by Libyan police on a migrants' hideout.
These responsibilities, said Joof, included job creation, poverty alleviation through savings, and Zakat thereby contributing meaningfully to the improvement of the socio-economic status of Gambians and the overall growth of the economy.
Long-tailed monk about on the lodge's rus while Gambian men sat life in the shade.
During their visit the five Gambian lecturers will take part in curriculum development, join student placements, and take part in personal development planning workshops.
An extensive survey of the literature on civil-military relations and the causes of coups d'etat reifies the theoretical framework proposed for discussing the Gambian case (chapter 2).
That the Gambian government is unfairly benefiting from the electorate expansion is a result of Jammeh's control of the news media and opposition groups.
During World War II, Gambian troops fought with the Allies in Burma.
Despite Gambians having a good understanding of what tourists can afford to pay, dinner can cost as little as pounds 4.
After getting into character by slipping on Gambian clothing, we made the short journey to Tanji with Ida to gather ingredients for Benachin, a rice-based West African dish that can be made with either beef, chicken or fish and translates as 'one pot'.