Galvani, Luigi

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Luigi, Italian physician and anatomist, 1737-1798.
galvanic bath - water bath that is charged with galvanic current.
galvanic current - continuous one-direction electric current.
galvanic skin response - skin's response to electric stimulation. Synonym(s): electrodermal response
galvanic-faradic test - an electrodiagnostic test of muscles.
galvanism - oral manifestations of direct current electricity occurring when dental restorations with dissimilar electric potentials (such as silver and gold) are placed in the mouth. Synonym(s): voltaism
galvanometer - an instrument used to measure current.
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The galvanic deposition using a reserve of the electrolyte having the same composition as the industrial electrolyte and using same electrical working parameters (voltage and current density)--determines in time the evolution of the composition and concentration electrolyte for galvanic bath and at the same time by conducting the qualitative non-destructive measurements (brightness, thickness, uniformity of metal distribution, microscopic structure, roughness, etc.
The electroforming process is subdivided into two parts, corresponding to different galvanic baths.
Below there is a laboratory galvanic cell for the continuously study of these two sizes without interrupting the galvanic process and without removing the cathode from galvanic bath, figure 1.