gallows humor

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gallows humor,

n a dark or morbid sense of humor unique to people who deal with suffering and tragedy—for example, patients who are terminally ill joking about their illness or death as a means of coping with the illness.
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F you enjoy candlelit story-telling, gallows humour and terrifying tales that raise the goose-bumps, then Aberystwyth Arts Centre has the perfect addition to its programme.
But Steven Seagal and Van Damme, they weren't really into our gallows humour," he added.
Those with gallows humour suggested that there would be no pain and suffering this time around, as the season would be as good as over before the transfer window closes.
Even during the darkest hours of this slow-burning tournament, football fans have displayed an admirable gallows humour.
Happy pomp and glory times indeed and we could still find solace in gallows humour as, literally, everything eventually collapsed and crumbled while a few hundred hardy supporters swallowed a walloping from Batley or Dewsbury.
There was a fair amount of gallows humour during the networking, but the fact remains that there were regionally, nationally and internationally regarded companies being showcased at what is believed to be the largest regional business final of its kind in the country.
THE economy may be crashing down around our ears but it's good to see gallows humour is alive and well at Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.
This piece is particularly enjoyable for its seamless use of dance, props and acting in the cause of gallows humour.
It's Mission: Really Tough," the Ireland boss remarked with a touch of gallows humour as he contemplates taking on the side that beat the All Blacks last month.
Knightley isn't completely comfortable with comedy but Lorene Scafaria's script delivers lots of belly laughs, relating the final countdown using gallows humour TV and radio announcements.