William E., Canadian surgeon, 1882-1959. See: Gallie transplant.
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Probably the most unimpressive Tory MP was Phil Gallie, 59.
SCOTS Tory Phil Gallie thinks the Queen is still relevant in a modern democracy (Scottish Daily Mirror, June 3).
Just four weeks ago people were out voting for Phil Gallie, the high-flying pounds 43,000-a-year Tory MP.
THE Tories may not often talk a lot of sense, but on the subject of the monarchy, Phil Gallie is right.
And Ayrshire Tory MP Phil Gallie slammed the Glasgow Sheriff who told Ali he had "suffered enough" after the Sunday Mail exposed his vile trade.
MSP Phil Gallie said: "I'm sure the hedgehogs would rather be taken off the island than killed.
No wonder the public show little interest in a Parliament where the ruling body is madeup of parties with mismatched policies supported by pounds 48,000-a-year fodder, flanked by John Swinney and political wannabes onone side and the 'Edinburgh Club' and Phil Gallie on the other.
It's not often the Daily Mirror agrees with Tory MSP Phil Gallie but we echo his call for these evil thugs to be booted out of Scotland.
Scots Tory constitutional affairs spokesman Phil Gallie said he was ``deeply concerned'' over the proposals.
Tory MSP Phil Gallie said: "We don't want people associated with Adair starting their criminal activities here.
Tory justice spokesman Phil Gallie MSP said last night: "This man is going to be a threat to prison officers at Saughton and if he is released he will be a threat to the wider society.