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Nikolay Fedorovich, 20th-century Russian hygienist. See: Galant reflex.
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Sony BMG Nashville's chairman, Joe Galante, called Reed a larger-than life personality.
Citing the need to bring new vitality to parish life, Galante said parishes in the six southern counties of New Jersey would be reconfigured into 38 merged parishes; three parish clusters, involving a total of six parishes; and 22 standalone parishes.
She knew how to raise money for the less fortunate," said Galante, a member of the Burbank branch of the Italian Catholic Federation.
Galante made his debut with the senior team last summer and could earn his third cap against Wales.
The hauntingly beautiful Ave Maria by Caccini, which Inessa Galante sang on her 1995 debut album, started a worldwide surge of interest in the piece, and a single play of it on TV in Holland brought her a platinum disc.
Asset Alternatives founder/president Steven Galante will continue in his current role.
Secrecy "has killed us," said Bishop Joseph Galante of Dallas, another keynote speaker.
Not that there was much restraint about Saturday's presentation of Vivaldi's Four Seasons from Europa Galante.
Galante, executive vice president, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, and R.
My head must have been somewhere else when I placed the bid,'' Rafael Galante told the daily O Globo after placing the winning bid at a public auction in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday.
WatchGuard for MSS gives us maximum flexibility to tailor our suite of VIA Security services for any size business, from small offices to large distributed enterprises with high-performance VPN requirements," said Timothy Galante, Vice President of Marketing for VIA NET.