Graduate Record Examination

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Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

an examination administered to graduates of institutions of higher learning. The scores are used as criteria for admission to master's and doctoral programs in many institutions and areas of specialization, including nursing. The examination tests verbal and mathematical aptitudes and abilities.
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Zia Ul Haq told that the subject GRE test would start at 10 am at KMU new building, Phase V, Hayatabad, here.
Later, Zeeshan Rahat Qureshi spoke about the Introduction of USEFP, five steps to higher education in USA Fulbright Scholarship Programs, GRE/TOEFL orientation and various sections of the GRE test, various techniques of preparing and taking the test.
Their scores indicated that the mindfulness group significantly improved on both the verbal GRE test and the working memory capacity test.
We are moving into community education -- presenting training in ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE test skills.
99) has been updated for the 2011 GRE test changes and appears in an 8th updated edition for any who would want the latest test practice questions and approaches.
The GRE test is a typical pre requisite for entering graduate school.
Dr Muhammad Masoom Yasinzai, the vice chancellor of QAU, told Daily Times in an exclusive interview that all the pending issues of the campus regarding PhD admissions and GRE test, employees' promotions and new appointments, security concerns and hostel affairs etc would be discussed in the syndicate meeting.
Deadline after deadline I juggled essays, GRE test preparation, vocabulary flashcards, transcripts, requests for letters of recommendation, and my work schedule.
Spellane paid a West Boylston company for GRE test preparation services on Jan.
The 18th updated edition of a leading test preparation guide offers the latest review and practice tests available in a title offering two full-length model tests plus a diagnostic, subject review sections, and a comprehensive subject review of all GRE test topics.
Thanks in large part to campaigning by the GRE test administrator, this percentage has steadily increased year-over-year since Kaplan first began tracking the issue in 2009, when only 24% of business schools said they accepted the GRE.
The number of GRE test takers indicating business study nearly doubled in 3 years