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Also available now is an evaluation kit, the MN5515HS-EVK, which allows for easy connection of the GPS receiver module to a PC via USB interface and includes test software for real-world performance evaluation.
ANTARIS 4 GPS receivers provide remarkable navigation and performance.
Support multiple off-the-shelf Windows-based handheld controller devices to work with select NavCom GPS receivers
This single-chip GPS receiver has been designed specifically to meet the aggressive cost, power, performance, and size demands of the cellular and high volume consumer electronics industries.
We're pleased with the performance of the BlackJack GPS receiver and to have worked with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in its development," said Ross Gallo, Spectrum Astro Vice President, Space Electronics and Software.
The Swift A1 GPS receiver from Axiom is the first GPS receiver of its kind to include an embedded GPS antenna, which makes it a natural choice for the PDA market," said Brian Sevy, vice president of marketing for GeoDiscovery.
As a result, the i-Blue GPS receiver is one of the highest performing, consumer-graded GPS receivers in the market today.
In addition to the conventional autonomous performance of the receiver, the GM-83 is also an Assisted GPS receiver, which enhances the receiver's performance by using server based data received over communication networks.
The new completely integrated PCMCIA Type II Trimble Mobile GPS receiver will be available first quarter 1994.
DAGR, the fourth generation GPS receiver, provides battlefield operators with real time position, velocity, navigation, and timing (PVNT) information in a stand alone, hand-held, lightweight configuration.
Since it provides altitude as well as latitude and longitude, the GPS receiver is particularly useful to hikers, campers, mountain climbers, mountain bikers, and pilots of aircraft of any size.