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When Barack Obama came to power, he kept the valuable aspects of PART, dusted off Clinton's version of GPRA, lifted the managerial strategies from Baltimore's CitiStat (and now Maryland's StateStat), and put them all together to produce the GPRA Modernization Act (GPRAMA), which passed Congress in 2010.
GPRA requires agencies to produce strategic plans, annual performance plans, and annual performance reports.
Over a decade ago, Phil Joyce and his colleagues at the Congressional Budget Office did a major survey of government's experience with "performance measures" and critical issues to be faced in launching GPRA.
Experts are excited about GPRA because the protein it makes belongs to a class of molecules that have proved useful in drug design.
The GPRA law was enacted in August 1993 with bipartisan support.
Chief, Special Projects Office and GPRA Pilot Project Manager
Of course, much of this is speculation because the GPRA process is so new.
Then, a newly reelected Republican Congress faced a newly reelected Democratic president just at the time when GPRA was due for implementation, and a ho-hum process of implementation became a confrontation between the legislative and executive branches.
But at least the GPRA is trying to move in the right direction.
Pour ce temoin et acteur de la revolution, le GPRA n'etait pas un gouvernement en exil, ou cree pour faire de la propagande.
GPRA as a tool to provide a strategic planning framework in not only making sure that we maximize the performance and accountability of government today, but also that we prepare for the future.