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Good for parts only. A flippant and highly inappropriate term for a brain-dead patient whose use to the world is limited to organ donation
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A solid GPO should provide guidance to its members regarding which products to select and which suppliers would best suit that member's needs.
Twenty-nine of these vessels are competing for work globally but just four are on a par or of higher specifications than the vessels GPO has under construction in Taiwan.
The facility purchasing manager or the individual assigned to procurement should be familiar with what is on their contract with the GPO.
Government Printing Office, "The FDsys": The New GPO Access, (Nov.
Will your GPO go to bat for you if you're having problems with accounts payable?
Customers were unhappy, and so were those in Congress who oversee GPO.
GPO Access provides hyperlinks to a variety of documents published by all three branches of government available for download or purchase.
Indeed, GPO has been in the forefront of government agencies in effectively using the Internet as a dissemination medium and has made significantly more efforts at providing bibliographic control of its output than many other government agencies.
GPO will set up a multiple award contract modeled after the GSA schedules to pre-qua1ify printing firms.
Estimates place the GPO market at $148 billion to $165 billion per year.