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It follows a decision in March by Dr Lethbridge and partners, one of the two practices at Briton Ferry Health Centre, to give six months' notice of the termination of their GMS contract.
Reform Scotland have called for a Scottish GMS contract, setting out what services GP practices must provide and how they are funded.
Another GMS contract win has secured the supply of eight 3-man accommodation units on the Kudeta Lift Boat, located offshore Abu Dhabi.
The uncertainty of the future of the PMS contract has prompted a small number of practices to consider returning to the GMS contract, according to Dr Lothian.
The privilege Ms Simpson mentions of not having to work out-of-hours was negotiated as a "sweetener" as part of the new GMS contract, and GPs pay a percentage of their income to opt-out of providing 24 hour care.
The GMS contract was still agreed and operated nationally.
The British Medical Association sent ballot papers to the 43,000 GPs and GP registrars around the country, asking: "Do you wish to see the proposed new GMS contract implemented?
Those on PMS contract typically earned pounds 91,885compared to pounds 77,086 for those on the GMS contract.
Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership are seeking General Medical Practitioner(s) to provide Primary Medical Services under a standard GMS contract for patients registered with the Ross of Mull and Iona Medical Services Surgery, Bunessan, Isle of Mull.
The GMS contract was designed to improve the quality of services and provide them closer to the patient's home.
About three-quarters of GPs have a GMS contract, while the remainder have a locally negotiated Personal Medical Services contract.
25 per cent uplift to the GMS contract, which includes a one per cent increase in salary, it was confirmed today.