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This suggests that consumers' perceptions of GMOs not only drives the development of state agenda but also influences the development of international trade regarding GM technology.
While these questions remain, studies show that GM technology can produce important benefits.
The real advantage of GM technology is that it allows you to introduce variations beyond those available in crops at present," he says.
Importantly, the more the public is informed about the facts behind GM technology, the more distrust they have of it.
After criticising strongly the profession of environmental conservation: 'Conservation is a profession whose students need never sit degrees', he proceeded with a list of the benefits from GM technology to economise agrochemicals and lead to a more sustainable agriculture.
China is eager to take GM technology as an effective measure to safeguard the food security.
While adoption of GM technology has been proceeding in many developing countries, notably in Asia and Latin America, Africa lags behind: of the 54 AfDB member countries, only Burkina Faso, South Africa, and Sudan are now planting and commercializing genetically modified (GM) crops.
of current EU policy and calls for a 'rethink' of the widespread rejection of GM technology.
If there is consumer acceptance of GM technology then farmers in Wales should be offered the opportunity to access whichever tools are best suited to their own businesses and farming systems, including GM," he said.
Products made using GM technology - such as cheese containing GM enzymes - or deriving from animals fed on GM ingredients need not be labelled at present.
Tom will make sure that GM technology keeps up with our customers and keeps ahead of our competitors.
GM technology has the potential to deliver improved crop yields from arable land and to create new varieties that can thrive in salty soil and during drought and floods, according to the researchers.