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Computers A popular term for ‘nonsense’ produced by a printer—e.g., incorrect ASCII characters versus text, often due to loose cables to the printer or due to use of an incorrect printer driver
Drug slang Regional street term for inferior quality drugs
Vox populi American for solid (municipal) waste; rubbish
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GIGO pitfalls associated with the coordinated integration of storage, handling, conveying, receiving and feeding equipment have already been discussed and, no doubt, must include consideration of equipment geometry.
Researchers at the University of California-Davis tested their GIGO model against the actual costs reported by their local refuse collection operation.
Broadcatch proposes a new formula to counter GIGO which may save us from the current predicament: "A Lot Of Garbage In, Some Good Stuff Out," or ALOFGISGSO.
It underscores the apt acronym, GIGO, "Garbage in, garbage out.
The GIGO rule--garbage in, garbage out--definitely applies.
GIGO - garbage in - garbage out - is a fundamental tenet of computer usage.
GIGO stands for "garbage in, garbage out" Computers can do lots of interesting things, but the quality of their output relates to the quality of the information fed into them.