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Computers A popular term for ‘nonsense’ produced by a printer—e.g., incorrect ASCII characters versus text, often due to loose cables to the printer or due to use of an incorrect printer driver
Drug slang Regional street term for inferior quality drugs
Vox populi American for solid (municipal) waste; rubbish
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GIGO pitfalls associated with the coordinated integration of storage, handling, conveying, receiving and feeding equipment have already been discussed and, no doubt, must include consideration of equipment geometry.
Because I could not see how his equation system could have been altered to make it complete and internally consistent without radical reformulation, I retained a deep suspicion that his big book was nothing more than a monument to the GIGO principle--garbage in, garbage out.
The unavoidable reality of GIGO along with our "pre-conversion" system perspective underscores the importance of conveying-system design becoming even more tightly integrated with its ultimate destination, the proportioning system.
Other key tour operator partners included Liberty/ GIGO Tours, Island Resort Tours, Travel Impressions, US Airways Vacations, Alken Tours, Delta Vacations and TNT Vacations, among others.
But, under the principle of GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out,) faulty inputs lead to mistakes, including irrational demands on ourselves and others: with inaccurate data, we instead just "should" all over ourselves and each other.