Smart Bomb

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A steerable radio-controlled, laser- or satellite-guided bomb designed to precisely hit a target and minimise collateral damage
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The Writing & Creative Expression GBU will comprise the current Everyday Writing GBU and the Markers, Highlighters, Art & Office Organization GBU.
As a GBU president, he has been responsible for PI&T's successful performance in worldwide operations including project execution, business development, state-of-the-art technical capabilities, and multidiscipline resources.
Zumstein will lead the supply chain, corporate engineering and LEAN teams and will also partner with the GBU presidents to drive global manufacturing and sourcing excellence.
He and I share a common vision for the FS GBU and a relentless commitment to its success, making him the clear choice to take the organization that we all have built forward.
Open Competition: Open tender for the right to sign the contract for delivery of the adaptation of medical equipment to facilitate care for disabled people with limited mobility to equip GBU OEM 19, 22 PNI GBU
Additionally, Orthofix announced that Andrew Miclot has joined the company as Vice President of Marketing for the Orthopedics GBU.